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because life is too
short to have a
boring website

because life is too

short to have a

boring website


The ideal solution for

Regardless of your business niche, I've got the solution! See what we can build together 馃憞馃徎

institutional website

A full multi-page website to improve your branding and digital presence, made from scratch or adapting your current one.

Landing page

A single page focused on direct marketing conversion. Ideal for those starting out or to showcase your portfolio.

Sales funnels

Strategic set of pages designed to offer multiple offers in a sequence to your audience.

Online courses

Every page you need to sell your online courses, be that on a daily basis or in a marketing campaign.
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What's included?

Everything you need to have a high performing website up and running to get you your desired results.

Years in experience in the marketing world showed me what a website needs to perform well.

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strategy & copy

A website is useless is not seen. We're gonna build your content strategy so that both the user experience and your conversions are improved.

unique design

No need to worry, we got no such thing as a template here. You're gonna get e personalized design, following your brand guidelines. If you don't yet have a visual id for your brand, we'll build one together.
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Clean development

The whole development process made from sctach, on the best platform available: webflow. Clean structure, animations and interactions (all that without slowing down your website).
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optimization (SEO)

Because just looking good isn't gonna cut it. The whole development process is made by following the biggest search engine in the world's guidelines so that your audience can find you.
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Connections with other tools you may use to run your business. Be that a CRM聽system, Facebook pixel, Google tags, Email Marketing software, Online Course hosting... I've got you covered.


I can take care of your website for as long as you want. Be that for ongoing maintenance or for new add-ons, I can be the tech branch of your company.

High performance

The result of combining all these elements. An amazing website that loads fast, that has clear engaging content, optimized for search engines and ready to expand. After all we both know you're gonna grow, right?

let's face it, you deserve one like these.

It's time for your business to present itself with a professional website... it's faster and easier than you think.
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Still uncertain?

Still not convinced you need a good website? Check out some stats...

7 out of 10 people say that a good website improves their trust on the business.
More than 25% of users close a website if it isn't loaded in 3 seconds.
4 out of 10 users leave a website that looks outdated (yes, you can tell).
A good website improves 10x the chance of people referring your business.
More than half of the website traffic is mobile. That's what you lose if your website is not properly adjusted to work on cellphones.
Zero is the exact number of potential clients that are gonna find your business online without a good website running.
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for every 10 鉃 1

For every 10 websites built, we'll make 1 FOR FREE for a small business.

The world needs more entrepreneurs and this is our way to make our contribution. Let's be the change we wanna see...

happy customers


I've worked with many developers in my career, but working with Lucas was a turning point for me. He truly gets the project and buy into the idea. The results are always amazing.
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Michael Atila


Loved the process all the way. Serviced well done, within the deadline and the result better than expected. Already referred to a few friends and they all loved him.
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Giovana N贸brega



Your project starts in a few clicks...

Simple process, from first contact until publishing.

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Get in touch with me.
Tell about your project.
Get a proposal,

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green light

Proposal approved.
Send info.
Project started.

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Design & Dev


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Up and running

Final checklist.
SEO settings.
Within the deadline, always.


this section is just to catch your attention... i'm running out of arguments to convince you! so, before you leave, at least, get to know me a bit 聽馃憞馃徎

foto lucas bacelar rob么
about me

Hi there, I'm Lucas

I'm a guy who's in love with marketing, with the mission of helping other people to leave their mark 馃殌 in the world!

After graduating as a structure engineer and migrating completely into marketing, I managed to combine the skills from both worlds 馃 to show to the market that design and performance can and should walk side by side.

Entered 3 years ago into the webdesign world and became an expert developer in webflow - the best platform available today.

webflow certificationwebflow certificationwebflow certificationwebflow certification

Ah, and I am kind of half-robot 馃...

about me

it's time to improve your online presence with a pro website